Inkling software + advisory services + fervent customer support = improved business performance.

Business Solutions

Operational Risk Management

Avoid cost and schedule overruns on large, capital and resource intensive programs.

Portfolio Assessment

Identify the most promising projects in your portfolio to better allocate resources and avoid waste.

Strategic Planning

Increase the likelihood of meeting key performance metrics and strategic goals.

Idea Evaluation

Crowdsource testing of online or product designs at a far greater scale than traditional focus groups.

Case Studies

Read case studies about some of our projects that have used Inkling Markets to solve problems in risk management, project management, and strategic planning.

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Everyone is constantly talking about connecting the dots. Breaking down organizational barriers. Avoiding resource redundancy. Preventing schedule and cost overruns. Fulfilling strategic objectives successfully. Conventional wisdom says collaboration solutions are the answer, but solving these problems isn't just about sharing files or asking people to contribute to a wiki, it's about efficiently tapping the collective wisdom of government employees to provide insights to decision makers. Read more about how Inkling Markets can be used in a Government setting.

Small Business, Non-Profit, + Academic

We're a small business too so we understand what it's like to use the solutions the big boys use. Expensive, a complex user experience, and advanced technical requirements. You shouldn't have to act like a big company to get the same advantages they do. Therefore we've created a special small business solution: special pricing and credit card support, online forums and unlimited feature upgrades. Pricing for small business, academics, and non-profits.


We are the prediction market technology provider and subject matter expert for strategy and IT consulting firms large and small, market research firms, even independent contractors. Contact us to discuss how we can work with you.