For Developers

Extend the platform (or build your own.) We also have services for Single Sign-On (SSO) and LDAP integration.

Our REST API allows you to replicate much of the functionality in our hosted marketplace solution to build custom widgets and stock tickers for your Intranet, create custom reports, add trading capabilities to an existing application, or even develop your own custom marketplace.

To start developing with the API you can use any language you're comfortable with such as php, java, .net, ruby, or python. You just need to create a site for your new applications to interact with.

Inkling Markets REST API Documentation

Get started with an introduction.


  • Create a question
  • Publish a question
  • Delete a question
  • Retrieve list of all question and possible answers
  • Retrieve a single question and it's answer(s)
  • Update question and answer information

Possible Answers

  • Create an answer
  • Delete an answer
  • Refund an answer
  • Liquidate an answer
  • Retrieve current price, name, and description of single answer
  • Update information about a previously created answer


  • List price changes of one or more answers


  • Retrieve positions of one or multiple users


  • Create a trade
  • Retrieve list of trades of one or multiple users
  • Get a quote for a possible trade


  • Create a user
  • Delete a user
  • Retrieve list of all users and balance information
  • Retrieve information on a single user
  • Update information about a user
  • Update balances of users


  • How to view a homepage RSS feed
  • How to remove a homepage RSS feeds
  • How to list homepage RSS feeds
  • How to add an RSS feed to the homepage
  • How to add an RSS feed to a market
  • How to view an RSS feed associated with a market
  • How to remove an RSS feed associated with a market